NRSF Survey
Welcome to the Drive2Life program survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and it plays a key part in improving all of our educational programs.
1. Name:
2. Email Address:
3. Did you use the Drive2Life program with your students?
Yes, I used the program.  
Not yet, but I plan to.  
No, I don’t plan to.  
4. Please check the grade(s) that you teach. (Check all that apply.)
Grade 6  
Grade 7  
Grade 8  
Grade 9  
Grade 10  
Grade 11  
Grade 12  
5. If you used the program, in which class(es) did you use it? (Check all that apply.)
Life Skills  
Driver’s Education  
Guidance Counseling  
Media Studies  
Language Arts  
6. Did your students enter the contest?
I don’t know  
7. What is the best time of year to implement this type of program and contest?
Fall (September–November)  
Winter (December–February)  
Spring (March–May)  
8. About how much time do your students need to complete the program and contest?
8 weeks  
12 weeks  
16 weeks  
9. Overall, how do you rate the usefulness of the program?
Extremely useful  
Very useful  
Somewhat useful  
Not useful  
10. What was your favorite aspect of the program? Please explain.
11. Would you like to receive programs like this in the future?